Global Tax & Investments Director

Mr. Perdicaris is the Business Development Director of HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Tax. He is also responsible for tax planning and tax compliance for client acquisitions.

Mr. Perdicaris assists clients in need of pre-immigration and business tax planning, incorporation of companies and tax structures (Foundations, Trusts, FLP’s), filing US federal individual and business tax returns, estate planning, and mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Perdicaris holds degrees in Civil Engineering (Mackenzie University), and Accounting Sciences (UniSantos), and also holds an MBA in International Business and Foreign Trade – FGV/SP. As a commercial and financial executive in the financial services & healthcare sectors, he has broad experience in cross-border taxation, international tax planning, finance, M&A, accounting, and administration, as well as trade and procurement.

His experiences in high level banking include planning, organization and disbursement of financial activities, including investment loans from Brazilian and international institutions such as BNDES (Brazil), EXIM-BANK (USA), Hermes Deutsche Bank (Germany), and China Construction Bank (China). Mr. Perdicaris has also negotiated with Brazilian institutions–including HSBC, Santander, Safra and Banco do Brasil–on behalf of clients for loans, investments and fund-raising.

As an internationally recognized sportsman, Andreas obtained permanent residency in the United States for his Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A) in Olympic sailing. He is a Brazilian and Greek citizen, fluent in English and Portuguese, and conversational in Spanish.


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