A good business plan is key to succeed in the US

- Dec/2017

Many investors and entrepreneurs have an interest in diversifying their activities and starting an operation in the United States. Their reasons could be, among other things, to obtain strong currency revenues, such as the dollar, and improve the quality of products and services to compete in the largest consumer market in the world.

But in order to attain this, before any investment, it’s necessary first a good business plan and tax planning for the company and the investors, with the legal support of trained professionals with proven experience.

It’s very common at this early stage to consider what types of businesses are most likely to thrive in the US and in which segments. Technology products in the United States and service enterprises have considerable responsiveness and growth.

But the important thing is not simply to start a business in a specific segment because there are more opportunities, but to be prepared, regardless of the industry so that the business is adapted to the needs of the market in the United States.

If you have plans to internationalize your investments, develop business, and begin your expatriation process, it is important to have a team of lawyers with proven experience, acting in several jurisdictions and accredited by the respective governments. Our highly specialized professionals possess the technical skills required to evaluate the best alternatives and meet your needs and expectations.
To know which immigration option best suits your profile and that of your family, in addition to knowing more about the many possible alternatives for your projects to develop successfully, schedule a consultation now.

Our expert attorneys will assist you in all the details of your expatriation, at all stages, including business development in the United States. For our law firm, each case is unique and is treated as such, with personalized and individualized solutions.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD PLLC is a Washington (D.C) based law firm, specializing in immigration and federal tax laws; and affiliated with HAYMAN-WOODWARD CORP, a business development, and expatriation consulting firm. All legal services are provided by duly-licensed attorneys in each jurisdiction.

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