Advantages of being an American Citizen

- Jul/2017

Many immigrants and foreign citizens with a Green Card, permanent residence permit, are seeking US citizenship as a way to expand and consolidate rights and duties in the United States. This behavior has been gaining momentum in recent years.

Data from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) show that between the last quarter of 2015 and June 2016, approximately 720,000 applications were filed for US citizenship, a growth of 25 % compared to the same period a year earlier.

American citizenship confers exactly the same rights and duties of a person born in the United States, except that they can not hold the office of President. To apply for citizenship, the applicant must have a valid Green Card and at least five years living in the United States.

As a citizen it is possible to enter and leave the country at any time without worrying about the time away. In addition, you can apply for the Green Card for first-degree relatives. Citizenship also gives you the right to vote and apply for federal jobs. Citizens are also eligible for more federal assistance. With all these advantages, obtaining citizenship is a good option for those who have a strong connection with the United States and do not want to take any risk of losing the right to reside in America.

The United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East offer many opportunities to professionals with a solid background, proven experience, and differentiated skills in their field. This window of opportunity attracts a growing number of foreigners.

If you plan to diversify your investments, develop business, and begin your expatriation process to these destinations, it is important to seek the advice of experts with proven experience, acting in several jurisdictions and accredited by their respective governments. This consultant will have all the technical and professional skills to evaluate the best alternatives to meet your needs and expectations.

The United States and Canada are always at the top of the list of preferences to start a life transition safely. But unlike what some people still imagine, this change in life is possible, financially feasible, and can happen in less time than you realize. Come and learn about all the options with HAYMAN-WOODWARD’s consulting experts.

To know which immigration option best suits your profile and that of your family, in addition to knowing more about the many possible alternatives for your projects to develop successfully, schedule a consultation now. Our specialists will assist you in all the details of your expatriation, at all stages, including the business development in the United States. For us, each case is unique and should be treated this way, with personalized and individualized solutions.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD is a business and expatriate development consulting firm, not a law firm. All legal services and legal advice are provided by lawyers or external partners, duly licensed to conduct such specific advice in each jurisdiction.

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