International Trade

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While in most countries you do not need a license to act as an importer, some items require a license or permit from various government agencies in order to be imported. Our trade and logistics team, along with our legal team can assist you with all of your licensing needs.

Customs and Excise compliance

Customs compliance is an effort that spans many areas of an organization, from IT to finance to logistics. Managing your customs and trade compliance is complex internally, and understanding the compliance requirements for duty preference programs such as NAFTA and other FTAs is a daunting task for organizations of any size. HAYMAN-WOODWARD's Customs & International Trade practice can assist you with your compliance needs, offering services including: Tariff classification, Customs value, Trade preference programs,Training programs, Focused assessment/audit preparation and support, Importer self-assessment (ISA), C-TPAT, Compliance assessment and Trade Automation Services.

FDA/Health registration & compliance requirements**

Our FDA/Health compliance services group enables you to get your products to market quickly and to maintain your FDA/Health compliance status. As professional consultants to the healthcare industry for over 2 decades, HAYMAN-WOODWARD has helped hundreds of companies in achieving and maintaining their FDA/Health compliance in Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom.

** Services may be performed by outsourced licensed attorneys, depending on the jurisdiction.

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