Charity and volunteering are pillars of the exercise of citizenship in many countries

- Dec/2017

In a totally globalized world it is only natural that many entrepreneurs and qualified professionals analyze opportunities and development options abroad. An expatriation process must always go through prior planning so that it is possible to understand the new culture, values and social etiquette of the destination chosen.

In this context, volunteering and involvement in charitable actions are highly valued in several countries. In the United States, for example, this practice has gained momentum through the recurrence of natural disasters such as hurricanes. In this way, volunteering and the efforts and mobilization of society have been consolidated as a practice related to the exercise of citizenship and the search for development of the common good.

In the last decades, voluntary activities have also won entrepreneurs and large private organizations. Many companies of varying sizes and of the most diversified sectors support causes of social impact.

For an expatriate, the development of volunteering also helps in adapting and integrating to a new culture in another country. It’s a great way to do something positive for society, make new friends and learn new skills.

We believe that this is also one of the important missions of HAYMAN-WOODWARD: to create a real and positive impact on the communities in which we are present.

During this year, HAYMAN-WOODWARD and the other companies of the group were involved in several important actions in different regions, both in and outside the United States.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD recognizes the importance of charity and supports the values such as dialogue, solidarity and the actions of humanitarian organizations and voluntary associations that seek to improve the development of the human condition.

The word charity has many meanings, but only one purpose: to assist anyone in difficult situations who seems to have no way out. Charity is most often that light at the end of the tunnel, both for the donor and for the recipient. To do charity is to act wisely, helping others without expecting anything in return.

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