Deadline to send Corporate Tax Return Extensions ends this month

- Sep/2017

The deadline for filing corporate accounts for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is soon approaching. Those who have not yet fulfilled this important step have until September 15th to do so.

Always try to keep your tax calendar and all tax obligations up-to-date. If in doubt, seek the help of professionals who can help provide the best solutions for you and your business in the United States. Failure to provide information, or simply not filing an income tax return can generate penalties and even compromise an immigration status adjustment.

The United States offers many benefits and incentives to those living and developing business in the world’s largest economy. There are several legal obligations that must be observed in order to avoid problems. Including obligations with the IRS.

The United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East offer many opportunities to professionals with a solid background, proven experience, and outstanding skills in their field. This window of opportunity attracts a growing number of foreigners. If you plan to diversify your investments, develop business, and begin your expatriation process to these destinations, it is important to seek the advice of experts with proven experience, acting in several jurisdictions and accredited by their respective governments. This consultant will have all the technical and professional skills to evaluate the best alternatives to meet your needs and expectations.

The United States and Canada lead the list of preferred countries for people wishing to start a new life abroad. But contrary to the expectations of some individuals, this life change is possible, financially feasible, and can happen in less time than you would expect. Come and learn about all the options with HAYMAN-WOODWARD’s consulting experts.

To know which immigration option best suits your profile and that of your family, in addition to knowing more about the many possible alternatives for your projects to develop successfully, schedule a consultation now. Our specialists will assist you in all the details of your expatriation, at all stages, including business development in the United States. For our firm, each case is unique and is treated as such, with personalized and individualized solutions.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD PLLC is a Washington (D.C) based law firm, specializing in immigration and federal tax laws; and affiliated with HAYMAN-WOODWARD CORP, a business development, and expatriation consulting firm. All legal services are provided by duly-licensed attorneys in each jurisdiction.

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