Green Card by EB-2 NIW is one of the options available to the US

- Jul/2017

Green Card by EB-2 NIW is one of the options available to the US

Many people who wish to conduct an expatriation and develop business in the United States plan to win a Green Card. There are several ways to achieve permanent resident status in the country. One of the possibilities is to apply for an EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) Visa. In many cases, even those who know about this option believe that it does not meet the necessary requirements, since this is a type of authorization for people considered with special abilities. Faced with this scenario, the interested party is giving up, in a mistaken way, his life project.

Because EB-2 is a Green Card for qualified people with unique skills in their areas of expertise or training, a false certainty is to believe that only scientists, researchers or people with PhDs can apply for this category. Professionals of diverse areas and with more than five years of proven performance in the business, arts, and sciences segments fit this profile.

The so-called advanced level of qualification, at least one undergraduate degree, also includes a special ability in its segment of performance, proven by its peers or professional entities. An unprecedented technique developed, a methodology of its own, among other aspects count a lot in this respect. If the applicant has a postgraduate, MBA, master’s degree or other academic qualifications, the chances of qualifying become higher. Awards, medals for academic or professional recognition add even more points to the professional profile.

Another common misconception is that to apply for the EB-2 NIW Visa you must be working in the United States or have a job offer from an American company.

The United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East offer many opportunities to professionals with a solid background, proven experience, and differentiated skills in their field. This window of opportunity attracts a growing number of foreigners.

If you plan to internationalize your investments, develop business, undertake and make your expatriation to these destinations, is more than necessary to seek the advice of experts with proven experience, acting in several jurisdictions and accredited by their respective governments. This consultant will have all the technical and professional skills to evaluate the best alternatives and meet their needs and expectations.

The United States and Canada are always at the top of the list of preferences to start a life transition safely. But unlike what some people still imagine, this change in life is possible, financially feasible, and can happen in less time than you realize. Come and meet all the options with HAYMAN-WOODWARD consulting experts.

To know which immigration option best suits your profile and that of your family, in addition to knowing more about the many possible alternatives for your projects to develop successfully, schedule a consultation now. Our specialists will assist you in all the details of your expatriation, at all stages, including the business development in the United States. For us, each case is unique and should be treated in this way, with personalized and individualized solutions.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD is a business and expatriate development consulting firm, not a law firm. All legal services and legal advice are provided by lawyers or external partners, duly licensed to conduct such specific advice in each jurisdiction.

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