Helena Cavalcanti

Mrs. Helena Cavalcanti, a licensed attorney in Brazil, graduated with honors from the prestigious Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and has significant post-graduation schooling in International Relations.


As a consumer fraud specialist, Ms. Cavalcanti has spearheaded several legal proceedings on behalf of PepsiCo, and she also has been part of some of the most renowned criminal law firms in Brazil (such as Nelio Machado Lawyers in Rio de Janeiro), thus belonging to a select group of lawyers who have specialized in white-collar/financial crimes in her country.


Ms. Cavalcanti’s extensive civil litigation experience comes from work she performed at Chalfin, Goldberg & Vainboim, where she defended the largest financial and insurance institutions of Brazil against consumer civil actions.


Given her enthusiastic global view and proven knack for diplomatic relations, Ms. Cavalcanti began studying different cultures while embarking upon a newly-found devotion of international issues related to economics, politics, and history, among others.  To this end, she shifted her practice towards International Law and International Relations, becoming an expert in global mobility and expatriation matters.


Prior to bringing her collective legal experience to HAYMAN-WOODWARD in Brazil as head of the legal department there, Ms. Cavalcanti was a partner at the law firm of Reys & Cavalcanti, which specialized in international mobility. Her practice there maintained an ongoing partnership with well known expatriation consulting firms in both the United States and Canada. This allowed Ms. Cavalcanti to obtain a thorough understanding of immigration and expatriation procedure for both countries, expanding her knowledge in these areas of the law.


Currently based in USA, she is the Director of International Legal Affairs at HAYMAN-WOODWARD.


Ms. Cavalcanti speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

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