HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services has more than 20 years of multinational business consulting experience, supporting companies in their challenge to build value across borders.

You can count on our specialists in four continents to support the growth of your company by helping develop business plans and strategies, designed to maximize results and secure a profitable future for your organization.

We accomplish this task by analyzing all factors of your business, and by delivering sophisticated and tailor-made strategies.

Logistics and
Relocation Services

HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services provides top-notch logistics and relocation services to individuals and businesses of all sizes and needs.

With global trade on the rise, logistics is the heart of global mobility. Regardless of distance, each client expects their product to be delivered in an expeditious, efficient, and secure manner.

We offer Cargo Consolidation for national and international shipments, customs clearance, relocations, and import/export consulting, among other specialized services which can help reduce costs and time spent moving items from one corner of the world to another.

A large part of logistics includes relocation services. In addition to finding the best solutions for your business needs, HAYMAN-WOODWARD can assist with locating the best schools, movers, and real estate for its clients. To this end, HAYMAN-WOODWARD has proven and experienced real estate agents and brokers at its disposal, who will guide clients through all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions.

In today’s global environment, logistics is complex and dynamic, depending upon ever-changing global demands; it is one of the most challenging factors for the success of any personal or business goals.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services is here to assist with logistics and relocation needs.

Global Visas
(except U.S.)

Expatriation to a different country is exciting, but also challenging and overwhelming.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services international team specializes in the increasingly complex visa process and assists clients to expatriate globally to Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and Australia.

Whether it be individuals or companies, HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services team has the tools and know-how needed to successfully support our clients in their visa process.

With two decades of experience, we offer our knowledge to conduct a thorough analysis of each visa case and identify the best course of action for the clients’ transition to their new destination.

Our goal is to provide a smooth visa process, while enabling our clients to succeed in their new country of choice.

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