Tax Planning


HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Tax assists clients in planning their immigration in a tax-efficient manner, by considering all potential tax issues they may encounter, as well as strategies for resolving same. Our professionals conduct a deep analysis of our clients’ financial situation, in order to implement a plan tailored to their specific needs, all while considering alternatives for estate planning and exit taxation.


HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Tax has vast experience in assisting clients with structuring their cross-border business transactions in a tax-efficient manner. We accomplish this task by analyzing direct tax implications, as well as business and financial factors. We believe this approach is crucial, given the growing complexity of business transactions, global mobility and tax regimes which demand sophisticated and tailor-made strategies.

Tax Compliance


HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Tax offers a variety of tax services, to ensure that its clients are in full compliance with their tax obligations worldwide. Due to the increase of reporting complexity and the substantial amount of information and documents to be provided to tax authorities, tax compliance has become a key issue to multinational enterprises, as well as those individuals with high net worth and mobility.

Services include but are not limited to preparation and filing of tax returns & forms with local, state, and federal tax authorities for individuals and legal entities, as well as incorporation of entities.


HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Tax provides M&A services in several countries, mainly in Latin America, covering valuation, due diligence, and closing. We also assist companies with business development, planning, internationalization of the company and brand, and trademarks.

Logistics and
Relocation Services

HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services provides top-notch logistics and relocation services to individuals and businesses of all sizes and needs.

With global trade on the rise, logistics is the heart of global mobility. Regardless of distance, each client expects their product to be delivered in an expeditious, efficient, and secure manner.

We offer Cargo Consolidation for national and international shipments, customs clearance, relocations, and import/export consulting, among other specialized services which can help reduce costs and time spent moving items from one corner of the world to another.

A large part of logistics includes relocation services. In addition to finding the best solutions for your business needs, HAYMAN-WOODWARD can assist with locating the best schools, movers, and real estate for its clients. To this end, HAYMAN-WOODWARD has proven and experienced real estate agents and brokers at its disposal, who will guide clients through all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions.

In today’s global environment, logistics is complex and dynamic, depending upon ever-changing global demands; it is one of the most challenging factors for the success of any personal or business goals.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services is here to assist with logistics and relocation needs.


HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services’ Life Insurance platform provides our clients with access to the world’s leading Life Insurance carriers’ products and services, to satisfy a vast array of wealth transfer planning needs.

These services are delivered through our HAYMAN- WOODWARD team of professionals, who are experienced in such diverse fields as banking, tax, insurance, and fiduciary services.

Wealth Management


HAYMAN-WOODWARD‘s team of professionals have proven expertise in major financial market institutions. HAYMAN-WOODWARD Wealth Management provides client with personalized advice according to their profile to achieve financial goals, whether economic growth or capital perpetuation.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD assists individuals and businesses of all sizes from across the globe, from personal investors to large corporations, providing optimal financial planning and advice for their current and future needs.

For HAYMAN-WOODWARD each client is unique. More than just providing wealth management advice, HAYMAN-WOODWARD’s mission is to enable individuals and businesses to succeed.

Global Visas
(except U.S.)

Expatriation to a different country is exciting, but also challenging and overwhelming.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services international team specializes in the increasingly complex visa process and assists clients to expatriate globally to Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and Australia.

Whether it be individuals or companies, HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services team has the tools and know-how needed to successfully support our clients in their visa process.

With two decades of experience, we offer our knowledge to conduct a thorough analysis of each visa case and identify the best course of action for the clients’ transition to their new destination.

Our goal is to provide a smooth visa process, while enabling our clients to succeed in their new country of choice.


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