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Digital Nomad Visa

Building value across borders.

We are facing a crossroads – the COVID-19 pandemic has clashed with immigration requirements, paving the way for the rise of digital nomads. This is a crucial time when companies and governments are preparing for the growing opportunities offered by this trend. Digital nomads are true tourists who decide to extend their stay in a country by working remotely as freelancers or for a foreign employer.

In response to this demand, many countries are launching special visa regimes and programs to attract these long-stay tourists – and these opportunities are multiplying at a rapid pace.

This is where Hayman-Woodward comes in, a company that is actively involved with governments and businesses around the world as these digital nomad schemes are implemented. We can help you

  • Plan and implement an effective immigration program to welcome digital nomads.
  • Navigate the intricate digital nomad regimes in different countries, ensuring smooth and legal entry for these tourists.
  • Identify the opportunities these regimes offer to boost your program, either as a company seeking skilled labor or as a government interested in stimulating the economy.
  • Maintain full compliance with laws and regulations as this trend continues to expand, avoiding legal problems and ensuring peace of mind.

As the remote and hybrid working revolution takes hold as the new normal, it is essential to have a reliable partner by your side to navigate this evolving landscape. Hayman-Woodward is here to guide you every step of the way, providing quality service, expertise and strategic insight.

If you are an individual seeking to enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, we are also ready to help you apply for the digital nomad visa that best suits your needs.

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