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Caroline Nakamura

Chief Operating Officer

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A force of innovation and excellence, Ms. Nakamura stands as a testament to the power of continuous learning and impactful leadership. With an impressive educational background and a wealth of experience, she embodies a commitment to delivering exceptional results and driving forward large organizations.

Ms. Nakamura’s educational journey is a reflection of her dedication to growth and knowledge. She earned her bachelor’s degree in International Trade from Universidade Estácio de Sá and a degree in Law from Uniceub. Her thirst for knowledge led her to acquire a Certificate in Business Administration in Logistics from IBMEC and a Postgraduate degree in Maritime Law from UNIGRANRIO. In her pursuit of comprehensive understanding, she completed a Postgraduate program in Environmental, Social, and Consumer Development, as well as a Law degree from Centro Universitário de Brasília. Her international exposure includes studying in Boston at the English School and Harvard for career development, where she obtained certification in the Learning Styles program from Harvard Extension. Presently, she is on the path of achieving Leadership to C-Levels at Stanford Business School.

As a seasoned executive, Ms. Nakamura’s career is marked by remarkable achievements. Her leadership prowess is evidenced by her successful implementation of strategic initiatives, driving operational excellence, and achieving substantial business growth. Her deep expertise encompasses customer relationship management, process optimization, and adept team leadership, all underpinned by a profound understanding of the mobility services industry. Her unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations is coupled with a dedication to providing high-quality solutions that stand the test of time.

Over the span of her 10+ years in the industry, Ms. Nakamura has garnered unparalleled insights and experiences. She has notably served as a trusted advisor to the Presidency and Vice Presidency of RPDM Refinaria Brasil, offering invaluable guidance for the execution of company directives. In her current role as Chief of Staff at Hayman Woodward, she continues to be a driving force behind the organization’s success.

Ms. Nakamura’s skill set is multifaceted and dynamic. Her proficiency in negotiation and communication is coupled with a remarkable adaptability to new roles and environments. Her enthusiasm for acquiring new knowledge and translating it into action sets her apart, as does her innate ability to collaborate effectively within a team. With extensive experience in project coordination and steering business meetings in line with company guidelines, she is a proven architect of success.

In a world that thrives on innovation, leadership, and adaptability, Ms. Nakamura’s journey is a shining example of how commitment to growth and learning can pave the way for transformative leadership. Her indomitable spirit, fortified by knowledge and experience, continues to elevate the standards of excellence in every venture she undertakes.

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