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Cleryston Vieira

Director of Information Technology

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Meet Cleryston Vieira, an accomplished IT Director whose tech-driven vision and profound business acumen have catalyzed success across his impressive 19-year career. As a seasoned IT professional, Cleryston is renowned for his unwavering dedication to harnessing technology’s potential to fuel business triumphs.

With an expansive career journey, Cleryston has consistently championed innovation, orchestrating pioneering solutions and strategic insights that supercharge IT frameworks and bolster organizational expansion. In his role as the IT Director at HAYMAN-WOODWARD, Cleryston leads the charge with a hands-on approach, fostering cross-functional collaboration and weaving technology seamlessly into the fabric of business aspirations.

Cleryston’s expertise radiates across various domains, including Business Processes, Business Impact Analysis, Software Implementation, and Infrastructure. He not only envisions technological possibilities but also translates them into tangible outcomes, propelling HAYMAN-WOODWARD towards an era of tech-driven excellence.

With a flair for strategic alignment and a fervent commitment to optimizing IT infrastructure, Cleryston is an indispensable driving force in propelling HAYMAN-WOODWARD to new heights. His ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between technology and business objectives is a hallmark of his leadership style, demonstrating how innovation can be seamlessly integrated to power organizational growth.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Cleryston Vieira stands as a beacon of tech leadership, steering HAYMAN-WOODWARD towards a future where technology not only supports but shapes success. His profound impact reverberates through the organization, making him a visionary trailblazer whose legacy is synonymous with tech-powered achievements.

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