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Danilo Dias

Chief Revenue Officer & Board adviser

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CRO and Board Advisor at Hayman-Woodward Group
Board Member, Brazil National Infrastructure and Logistic Efficiency Coalition

Danilo Dias is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with a proven track record of success. Currently, he serves as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Board Adviser at Hayman-Woodward, having previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer within the group. As a high-level executive, Danilo is responsible for overseeing all revenue-generating activities within the organization. His primary goal is to drive revenue growth, streamline operations, and ensure the company’s long-term financial success.

In addition to his role at Hayman-Woodward, Danilo is also a Board Member of the Brazil National Infrastructure and Logistic Efficiency Coalition. This membership enables him to contribute his expertise and insights towards improving infrastructure and logistics within the country.

Danilo held C-level Latin America positions in various companies, including SITA, Smiths Detection, and Vision Box.

As a Sloan Fellow from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he focused on strategy and innovation, honing his skills in these areas. He also holds an Electrical Engineering degree and has pursued postgraduate studies in finance, marketing, administration, and IT from esteemed institutions such as UFF, Coppead, FGV, IBMEC, and PUC. Danilo completed the Executive Education Program in Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, further enhancing his skill set and industry knowledge.

Throughout his career, Danilo has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic thinking in various industries, including airports and transportation, security, telecommunications, and oil & gas. His extensive experience in sales & marketing, finance, and management across Brazil, Latin America, and global projects has equipped him with a deep understanding of businesses’ challenges and opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

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