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Luiz Felipe Ferreira

Chief Financial Officer

Fluent languages:

Portuguese FlagEnglish Flag

Before assuming the role of Chief Financial Officer at HAYMAN-WOODWARD Group, Luiz Felipe Ferreira held various trusted positions within the company. With over 25 years of experience, his expertise spans across information technology (IT), technical and business development, strategic planning, technology transfer, sales management, and marketing of IT solutions. He has engaged with major technology players in the market, establishing valuable partnerships.

Throughout his career, Luiz Felipe Ferreira has collaborated with renowned business partners, distributors, consulting firms, and technology integrators such as Grupo TBA, Fast Search, Transfer, Netcenter, IBM, Microsoft, and Tandberg/Cisco. His extensive network and collaborative efforts have contributed to his respected executive career.

In recent years, Mr. Ferreira was appointed as Commercial Liaison at The Mint of Brazil (Casa da Moeda do Brasil) by presidential decree. In this role, he dealt with both domestic and international clients in the secure documents and currency printing industry. He returned to the private sector in late 2011. Mr. Ferreira has established significant business relationships with large enterprise customers in Brazil, particularly in the Industrial Sector (Oil & Gas), Insurance, Public Safety, and Governmental Agencies.

Luiz Felipe Ferreira graduated Magna Cum Laude in Computer Sciences from FIAA (Faculdades Intregadas Anglo Americano – Pontificia Universidade Catolica) in Rio de Janeiro. He holds several certifications from IBM, Microsoft, Tandberg/Cisco, Novell, and Franklin Covey. As a Brazilian citizen, his native language is Portuguese, and he is fluent in English as a second language.

Currently, Luiz Felipe Ferreira serves as the CFO at Hayman-Woodward, where he is responsible for financial strategy, performance optimization, risk management, and fostering sustainable growth. He ensures transparency and compliance with financial regulations in the organization.

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