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Nazli is a dynamic professional with a passion for international business development and a strong legal background. Born in Turkey in 1992 and raised there, she has carved a unique career path that has taken her from corporate law in Istanbul to her current role as a Business Developer at HAYMAN-WOODWARD, based in the United States.

Nazli graduated from Istanbul Law School in 2014 and holds a Bar License from the Istanbul Bar, a testament to her commitment to the legal profession. Her career began in Turkey, where she served as a corporate attorney for 3.5 years, gaining valuable experience in the intricacies of business law.

In 2017, she took a bold step by relocating to the United States. Today, she is a proud U.S. citizen, exemplifying her adaptability and determination. In 2019, Nazli embraced a new challenge as a Business Developer at HAYMAN-WOODWARD, where she harnesses her legal expertise to assist individuals in achieving their dreams of global mobility.

Nazli’s educational journey also has an international dimension. In 2013, she completed her language education in Canada, which further enriched her cultural and linguistic fluency.

With a unique combination of legal knowledge and a global perspective, Nazli is committed to helping people realize their aspirations for international mobility. Her personal values of dedication, integrity, and empathy drive her to provide expert guidance and support to those pursuing their dreams across borders.


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