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Renata Ferlic

Business Developer

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Renata Ferlic stands as a living testament to the power of exceptional leadership in the realm of Business Development. Armed with a profound understanding of diverse industries and a sharp business acumen, she has consistently demonstrated an unmatched ability to unearth opportunities for her clients, catalyzing their foray into new markets and steering their enduring growth and success.

Renata’s journey is one of perpetual expansion and refinement. She remains at the forefront of industry knowledge, continuously immersing herself in conferences, cultivating professional networks, and staying attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of immigration policies, economic shifts, and industry trends that intricately shape the world of international business.

Before assuming her current pivotal role, Renata embarked on an entrepreneurial venture that left an indelible mark. In 2011, she co-founded and led Office&Co, a thriving shared office facility that first flourished in São Paulo and later extended its reach to Miami in 2017. This entrepreneurial feat fortified her business acumen and laid the groundwork for her exceptional professional journey.

Renata’s career encompasses a spectrum of domains, with an emphasis on sales, operations, and customer service. A distinguished 13-year tenure in the startup arena and the realm of multimedia publishing added layers of multifaceted managerial experience to her repertoire.

The culmination of her roles as both an entrepreneur and a business executive has honed Renata’s remarkable people and leadership skills. With a master’s degree in business administration from Insper SP, she reinforces her innate prowess with a structured academic foundation.

Renata’s accomplishments have garnered esteemed recognition. Her contributions were acknowledged through prestigious accolades, including the Key to the City of Miami, personally bestowed upon her by Mayor Carlos Gimenez in 2017. Furthermore, her excellence was celebrated with accolades from the Focus Brasil Business Award and the Notable Brazilian Award in 2019.

In a realm where visionary leadership sparks transformative change, Renata Ferlic emerges as a trailblazer who champions business development with unparalleled distinction. Her journey epitomizes the intersection of innovation, dedication, and unyielding commitment to realizing the full potential of every endeavor.

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