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Portugal is brimming with unique opportunities for those looking to live and work legally in Europe. With its privileged location, mild climate, and lower cost of living, the country increasingly attracts foreigners seeking an excellent quality of life.

The vibrant cities of Lisbon and Porto offer world-class cultural and gastronomic centers, global connectivity, renowned universities, and an expanding job market in sectors like tourism, technology, and services.

Portugal also boasts beautiful coastal regions, ideal for those wanting tranquility away from urban bustle. The peaceful villages and rich local culture provide a one-of-a-kind experience in the country.

And for Portuguese speakers, there are facilities in the immigration process, such as the D7 Visa, exclusive for Lusophone citizens.

Portugal has been consolidating itself as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. With its skilled workforce, cutting-edge infrastructure, and privileged access to the European Union market, the country presents enormous potential for those looking to undertake business ventures. Sectors like technology, renewable energy, tourism, and financial services are expanding in Portugal. Startups receive generous incentives from the Portuguese government, which seeks to position the country as an innovation hub.

Business centers and accelerators in Lisbon and Porto boost the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Portugal also attracts R&D centers and European operations of large tech companies due to tax benefits and quality of life.

For foreigners with aspirations to access these opportunities, HAYMAN-WOODWARD is the ideal partner.

At HAYMAN-WOODWARD, our specialized team ensures success in the bureaucratic visa process, allowing you to enjoy Portugal’s countless opportunities to live and work legally and safely.

Office address in Portugal: Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco, Torre 2, Piso 11, Sala 9 – 1070-103 Lisboa (inside Amoreiras Shopping)

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Visas available for the Portugal

Tourist Visa
Allows entry and stay for up to 90 days for tourism, family visits, friends, or cultural/sports events. (Type C Visa)
Transit Visa
Allows passage for up to 5 days without leaving the country. (Type C Visa)
Business Visa
Allows entry for up to 90 days for business, fairs, meetings, or company visits. (Type C Visa)
Study Visa
Allows entry for up to 90 days for short courses, language studies, or specializations. (Type C Visa)
Transit Transit Visa
Allows entry for up to 5 days for transit between non-Schengen members. (Type C Visa)
Temporary Work Visa
Temporary Work Visa
Study Visa
Allows stay for up to one year for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. (Type D Visa)
Residence Visa
Allows stay for more than one year for study, work, family, or investment. (Type D Visa)
Subordinate Professional Activity
Allows one year for paid work as an employee. (Type D Visa, class D1)
Independent Professionals or Entrepreneurs "START-UP VISAS"
Allows one year for self-employment or entrepreneurship. (Type D Visa, class D2)
Qualified Professional Activity "TECH VISA"
Allows one year for qualified activities such as research or IT. (Type D Visa, class D3)
Research, Study, Exchange, Internship, and Volunteering
Allows one year for these activities. (Type D Visa, class D4)
Family Reunification
Allows entry of family members of Portuguese citizens or residents. (Type D Visa, class D5)
Religious, Retired, and Self-Sufficient Income Purposes
Allows entry for religious purposes, retirement, or income. (Type D Visa, class D7)
Allows one year of remote work for foreign companies. (Type D Visa, class DR)
Family Accompaniment
Allows entry of family members of family reunification visa applicants. (Type D Visa, class DF)
Job Search
Allows one year for job search. (Type D Visa, class DP)
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