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For the purpose of this agreement, the following terms shall apply:

  • Assignor: A natural or legal person who shares their data, for purposes including, but not limited to, event registrations, registrations, questions, and/or answers directed to the HAYMAN-WOODWARD Group, its employees, and partners, through any means of communication, including but not limited to social media, as well as those who attend events promoted by the Assignee, at which sounds and images will be captured.
  • Assignee: A natural or legal person who is or may become part of the HAYMAN-WOODWARD Group, its employees, and partners who collect and/or have access to the information shared by the Assignor, as well as the images and/or sounds captured of the Assignor at events promoted by the Assignee.

The information collected may be used by the HAYMAN-WOODWARD Group, its employees, and partners, which means that such information may also be transferred to companies in the group located around the world for the following purposes:

  • To communicate about your attempted registration, registration, account, or transactions with the Assignee, to send information, to request feedback on website and app features, and to inform about policy changes;
  • To provide experiences, offer products and services, for which the Assignor has or has not expressed interest and/or are compatible with the analysis of their profile.

By accepting this agreement, the Assignor authorizes the Assignee to use their image and voice free of charge for the promotion of the brands of the HAYMAN-WOODWARD Group, its products, and services, throughout the national territory and/or abroad, for an indefinite period of time, with or without economic purposes.

The Assignor declares that they are aware that, by accepting this agreement, they grant the Assignee all and any patrimonial rights arising therefrom, and they are not entitled to any benefit and/or compensation arising from this act.

The Assignor declares that they are aware that the aforementioned acceptance guarantees the Assignee the following authorizations:

  • I – broadcasting through public and/or private exposure;
  • II – broadcasting through any and all existing channels of exhibition, such as, but not limited to, television of any nature; the internet; social media; any public or private channels and national or international means of transportation;
  • III – in short, any and all hypotheses, under any and all forms of audiovisual communication to the public, regardless of the material support and the process of transporting signals (analog and/or digital) existing today and/or to be created.

The Assignee is prohibited from using the information and materials produced for purposes other than those specified herein.

The Assignor agrees not to use, exploit, disclose, or transmit the information they receive and/or the materials produced, both as a result of their relationship with the Assignee, for their benefit or that of third parties, without the prior written authorization of the Assignee, in compliance with the confidentiality and non-competition commitment.

Failure to comply with the aforementioned commitments by the Assignor, including any of their representatives, will result in their liability for the losses and damages caused to the Assignee.

Any questions and disputes arising from or related to the matters covered in this instrument shall be submitted to arbitration, in accordance with the laws of Dubai – United Arab Emirates, renouncing any other, no matter how privileged it may be or may become.

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