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About Us

Building value across borders.
Who we are


HAYMAN-WOODWARD is a global-based immigration company. With its headquarters positioned in the heart of Dubai, UAE., HAYMAN-WOODWARD is dedicated to supporting individuals and business entities in its quest to BUILD VALUE ACROSS BORDERS.

+51.000 approved Green Cards
+51.000 approved Green Cards
+27 years of experience
+9 countries with offices
+27 years of experience

Our Experience be Your Guide

HAYMAN-WOODWARD is fueled by an unwavering dedication to deliver exceptional results, firmly believing that simplicity and innovation are the key ingredients for achieving resounding success. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and uncompromising quality, our company approaches challenges from diverse angles, ingeniously resolving them and consistently surpassing expectations. We thrive on overcoming obstacles head-on, catering to our clients' needs with unparalleled agility, and consistently surpassing their expectations. Our foundation is built on trust, and we pride ourselves on delivering results that are both efficient and remarkably precise. Join us on our journey towards excellence and experience firsthand the power of HAYMAN-WOODWARD's unwavering dedication to your success.

Wherever you are

All around the world

With a global presence, we are in 9 countries around the world, including Dubai/UAE, Hong Kong, Shanghai/CN, Isle of Man and London/UK, Istanbul/TR, Lisbon/PT, Rio de Janeiro/BR, Singapore, Sulaymaniyah/IRQ, and New York, Orlando, Salt Lake City, and Washington DC (USA). We are well positioned to meet the needs of our international and local clients. Our highly experienced team specializes in immigration matters, providing customized and high-quality solutions for our clients worldwide.

+9 countries with offices
years of experience
We have triumphed for all these 27 years, rewarded with more than 50,000 approved green cards.
Global Footprint Hayman-Woodward