Global Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Rovai has been the Finance Director of HAYMAN-WOODWARD since 2016 and is now the Chief Financial Officer of HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Tax. He is an experienced financial officer with seventeen years in accounting, audit and compliance.

Mr. Rovai began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2002 and was a Senior Associate by the time he moved on in 2009. His primary focus at PWC was the provision of audit services to banks and investment funds.

His work at banks also included review of legal and regulatory compliance, and audit work for both the Brazilian Central Bank and Brazilian Securities Exchange, as well as US20-F reporting per US GAPP and SEC regulations.

As the Finance Director of HAYMAN-WOODWARD, Mr. Rovai has provided guidance to the Board of Directors in accounting strategy and by optimizing the company’s financial performance and strategic position. He also maintains control of the company’s accounting functions across all areas of the business.

Mr. Rovai ensures that HAYMAN-WOODWARD’s systems are robust and compliant, supporting current activities and future growth, and takes ultimate responsibility for the company cash management policies. As the CFO of HAYMAN-WOODWARD, Alexandre will ensure the efficient and compliant operation of the IFE in Puerto Rico and globally.


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