Dream team

Leonardo Freitas

CEO and visionary entrepreneur

Mr. Freitas, with over twenty-eight years of experience in business development and international trade, stands out as an entrepreneur and founder of HAYMAN-WOODWARD IMMIGRATION LAW FIRM LLP. His vision and leadership skills, together with his unique talent for identifying deceptive behaviors, were fundamental in the conception and success of the firm. Mr. Freitas' journey illustrates the trajectory of an tireless leader, whose focus and determination were crucial to the establishment of HAYMAN-WOODWARD on the global stage.

52K+ Approved Green Cards

We pride ourselves on being the only immigration firm in the world with 52,000+ approved Green Cards.

We cater to the needs of our clients with unwavering dedication, helping them live the life they wish to live, discover their safe haven, and enjoy the freedom of true global mobility.

28+ Years of Experience

With over 28 years of specialized experience in Global Mobility, HAYMAN-WOODWARD has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence.

Our approach, marked by dedication and innovation, positions us as a reliable partner. By choosing our expertise, you gain a trusted ally in navigating the intricacies of Global Mobility. Join us as we leverage our legacy to facilitate your success in the global landscape.


Luiz Felipe Ferreira

Chief Financial Officer

Danilo Dias

Chief Revenue Officer & Board adviser

Melissa Botelho

Chief Client Officer

Ana Paula Montanha

Chief Human Resources Officer


Gabriella Caldas

HR & DEIB Director

Almira Makhmudova

Managing Director - UAE

Bruna Nesjo

Director of Marketing and Communications


Ana Carolina Freitas



Patricia Landsmann

Immigration Attorney & Director of Legal Operations

Maria do Céu Santiago

Partner & Senior Lawyer

Bhavini Bhatt

Director Senior Partner

Pieter Wasung


Malika Aggarwal

Immigration Attorney

Vanessa Mororó

Immigration Lawyer

Business Developers

Volkan Pekiner

Vice President Global Business Development and Sales

Veronica Zacarias

Business Development - B2B

Artur Ramos

Business Developer Manager

Tassia Gomide

Business Developer

Bruno Cruz

Business Developer

Rod Pinto

Business Developer

Raphael Carvalho

Business Developer

Enio Bitencourt

Business Developer

Marcelle Pipolo

Business Developer


UAE - Dubai - Headquarter
Suíte 1004 - Índex Tower - Dubai International Finance Centre - Dubai, U.A.E
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