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Leonardo Freitas

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Mr. Freitas is an entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience in government relations, international trade, and business development in the United States, as well as emerging markets, with a focus on Latin America and Asia.

He served as a senior business development executive for distinguished companies such as Philips Electronics, Tandberg, AT&T, and Cisco Systems, with a remarkable track record in government and private sector sales achievements.

Mr. Freitas’ natural ability to assess deceptive behavior led him to become a certified trainer in the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), a technique developed at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), by renowned psychiatrist and behavioral scientist Dr. Paul Ekman. He furthered his studies in Behavioral Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

Mr. Freitas is renowned for his ability to identify and interpret body language, facial micro-expressions, and deceptive behavior. His skills have been used to assist Latin American organizations and companies in the increasingly important area of manpower profiling, and at several local and federal law enforcement agencies as well.

In 1996 he founded TradeSmart, which was the genesis of the idea to eventually help found HAYMAN-WOODWARD IMMIGRATION LAW FIRM LLP.

An accomplished musician, Mr. Freitas attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music (Boston – USA), majoring in Music Production and Sound Engineering, and completed an internship at Polygram Records (now Universal Music) as a post-production studio manager.

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*Not a licensed attorney, but a non-attorney professional in the areas of immigration, taxation, and business consulting.

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