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Tassia Gomide

Business Developer

Social media

The remarkable trajectory of leadership that is embodied by our protagonist, is a testament to the extraordinary potential that lies within individuals who embrace their passions and pursue them relentlessly. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and an innate ability to seize opportunities, she has carved a unique niche in various domains, from the intricate world of pharmaceuticals to the dynamic realm of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Her journey commenced with a solid foundation, as she earned her degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry. Armed with this specialized knowledge, she embarked on a 7-year voyage as a Pharmacist and Technical Manager across diverse settings such as pharmacies, medication distributors, maternity facilities, and transportation.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for growth, she transitioned into the world of marketing, where she spent 18 months at Colgate Palmolive. This phase provided her with a fresh perspective and enriched her skill set, proving her adaptability across industries.

Her entrepreneurial spirit then beckoned, leading her to embrace the role of a Managing Partner in Bak’d San Diego, where she spent a year crafting a venture that resonated with her vision of quality and innovation.

The trajectory of her journey reached another pinnacle as she transitioned to the dynamic landscape of Hayman Woodward. Over 3.5 years, she played a pivotal role as the Sales Coordinator, orchestrating teams and strategies that fueled growth and propelled the company to new heights.

A testament to her global outlook, she possesses fluency in both English and Portuguese, which further accentuates her ability to connect with diverse audiences and navigate various cultures seamlessly.

As she looks back on her journey, it becomes evident that her path is defined by an unwavering commitment to excellence, an ability to swiftly adapt to new challenges, and a relentless drive to excel. Her journey is not only a reflection of her profound dedication but also an embodiment of the countless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and persevere.

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