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Victor Demarré

Business Developer

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Victor Demarré is an experienced professional with 17 years of expertise in customer service. He holds a degree in Advertising and has pursued post-graduate studies in the field. Throughout his career, Victor has honed his skills in addressing customer needs and exceeding expectations. He has worked across various companies, refining his abilities to cater to the diverse demands of clients.

During a pivotal phase of his professional life, Victor himself became a client of the renowned company Hayman-Woodward. This unique experience allowed him to step into the shoes of the customer and gain invaluable insights into marketing and advertising strategies. This firsthand encounter enhanced his understanding of client relationships, further amplifying his proficiency in the field.

Beyond his professional engagements, Victor is a devoted family man, married and a proud father of two children. He places great importance on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ensuring his commitments to both his career and family are harmoniously managed.

One of Victor’s most profound passions lies with the United States. He holds a special fascination for American culture, its way of life, technological innovations, and business opportunities. Victor closely follows developments and trends related to the U.S., continuously seeking to update his knowledge about the nation.

Leveraging his extensive experience, educational background, and unwavering passion for the United States, Victor Demarré is perpetually on the lookout for fresh opportunities to enhance his skills and knowledge. His ultimate goal is to make a substantial contribution to his clients’ success and provide exceptional consumer experiences.

With a solid foundation in customer service, an intrinsic understanding of client dynamics, and an unyielding commitment to excellence, Victor Demarré’s journey is a testament to his dedication in elevating the standards of customer service and achieving remarkable outcomes for both clients and consumers alike.

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